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Virtual School General Information

  1. You must log in with the same Email Address that was used in registration.
  2. You must sign up for the individual classes you plan to attend BEFORE the class starts.
  3. When you sign up for a class this will also send you reminders when the class is about to start.
  4. You cannot attend more than one Virtual Class at the same time.
  5. Attendance is taken 10 to 15 minutes after the class has started. If you are late you may be counted as not attending.
  6. CEU classes should ensure they are on the attendance role by attending on time.
  7. Rescheduling of a class or other changes will be notified to your registered email address.
  8. Classes that have technical issues or problems ASGMT is aware of will be rescheduled.
  9. Replay of classes (Where possible) will be available after ASGMT is concluded.
  10. ASGMT is not responsible for issues using Zoom due to Corporate Firewalls or company software restrictions.
  11. Ensure that you have a fast, reliable internet connection and modern computer without restrictions on Zoom and Javascript.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to use the Zoom App?

The Zoom App is not needed directly but as part of the Online Classes the Zoom video feed functions and controls are needed in your Web browser. If you have issues using Zoom please notify us.

Can I watch later?

The classes are LIVE and interactive as part of the class participation requirement the classes are currently LIVE only.

How do I get my CEU Credit?

Class participation, questions and comments may be needed to verify you are connected to the class and watching actively. Your student registration information will be used to send your CEU to you after the class is completed. If you have additional questions about CEU for Virtual School please contact us.

Video is not showing?

If you are using a company laptop it may be that there is a corporate firewall preventing you from connecting to the Zoom video feed. Either use a different computer to watch the classes or contact your company IT support.

Sound Issues?

Please ensure you can normally hear sound on your laptop or device. Check that your speakers are plugged in and turned on and the volume is up to a comfortable level. Test with a video or sound file on your device to ensure the issue is not your system. If you still have issues with sound on the live class please contact us.

Can I attend at the Marriott?

Students using the Virtual School may not all be able to attend in person in the classroom as there are room limits set for how many can attend. Contact us to discuss this question more directly.

I am replacing another student

If your company has sent you to replace another student that was registered but unable to attend, please inform us of this change so we can ensure the correct name is assigned to the CEU and the course.

I cannot see the meeting - OR cannot see the JOIN Button

The website uses Zoom to interface with the teacher and the students. There should be a big green JOIN button on your screen to see and connect to the video. If you do not see the JOIN button on the Live webinar page you may need to reduce your browser or screen zoom percentage. To do this you may need to find your browser settings and reduce your browser setting for zoom.

Did not find your
answer in the FAQs?

We are here to help! Please report any difficulties you may be experiencing and we will get back with you as soon as possible.

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