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This School is the largest gas measurement school in the United States devoted to natural gas measurement, pressure regulation, flow control, and other measurement related arenas. The School is structured to focus on seven main subject groups:

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The School is comprised of a two and one-half day series of 1 hour lecture and hands-on classes, plant tours, and exhibits by 108 exhibitors. Exhibitors are requested to teach application and performance capabilities of their equipment and refrain from sales activities during the School. At the time of registration, the registrants receive access to the “Proceedings” of the American School of Gas Measurement Technology containing the technical papers to be presented in the various lectures which comprise the current program. It also contains the General Chairman’s Opening Remarks and a biography of the Principal Speaker. Each registrant should plan their schedule carefully and adhere to it in order to derive maximum benefit from the School. The American School of Gas Measurement Technology is a non-profit organization which has always been self-supporting. The expenditures of the School are paid entirely from the proceeds of the School. The formal “Proceedings” of the School are published by the General Committee and are made available without additional cost to each paid registrant.

  • Fundamental Measurement
  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • Gas Quality
  • General & Advanced Measurement
  • Office Procedures & Accounting
  • Purpose

It is the purpose of the School, the sponsoring associations, and the operating and manufacturing companies within the petroleum and natural gas industry, to provide instruction on technical subjects for people in the industry. In this way, proper facility design, installation, operation, and maintenance of measurement and regulation equipment, and the handling of natural gas, is presented and studied. Accurate and useful information is also developed and published for the benefit of the industry and the general public.


Board of Directors

The School is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of the present and past General Chairmen, the President and Vice President of the Gulf Coast Gas Measurement Society, and one appointed representative from the sponsoring educational institution. The Board of Directors elects from its members a President, a Vice-President(s), a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Board of Directors also elects the General Chairman of the School and approves the Chairman and Vice Chairman for each of the Subcommittees.

General Committee

The General Committee consists of approximately 60 members selected from the industry’s operating and manufacturing companies. The Subcommittees are responsible for planning and conducting the School each year. To accomplish the large amount of work involved, the School is supported by the General Chairman, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and six Subcommittees: Arrangements, Exhibits, Program, Publications, Publicity and Registration.



Each person attending the School is required to register. Payment of a modest enrollment fee is required of all registrants. Visitor passes are available for those who desire to view the exhibits only.

Program and Instruction

The Principal Speaker for the General Assembly is selected by the General Chairman. The instructors for the specialized classes of the School are a diversified group. The group is comprised of members of the faculty of major universities who offer engineering instructions pertinent to the School’s theme, representatives from the petroleum industry, representatives of equipment manufacturers, and others directly interested in the science of gas measurement. These speakers and instructors are selected by the Program Subcommittee from the available candidates recommended by the General Committee.

Educational Exhibits

The equipment companies have assisted the School through educational exhibits and class instruction. They recognize the impropriety of competitive selling during the School and at the request of the General Committee have observed such. Preparations of exhibits and the cooperation of the exhibitors is very much appreciated by the School and is necessary for our continued success.


The American School of Gas Measurement Technology is a non-profit organization, which has always been self-supporting. The expenditures of the School are paid entirely from the proceeds of the School.


The formal “Proceedings” are comprised of the technical papers presented at the School and are published by the General Committee. It also contains the General Chairman’s Opening Remarks presented at the General Assembly and a biography of the Principal Speaker. Other useful information is included in the “Proceedings”. A thumb drive copy is furnished without additional cost to each paid registrant. The pocket “Program” contains a multitude of general information, schedules, classes, maps, exhibitors, and other School related activities. A copy is furnished without additional cost to each paid registrant.

Class Rooms

Lecture class room locations are yet to be assigned for the Marriott Westchase Hotel. Please check the Program that you will receive when you register for the correct class date, time and location.


There will be several manned locations near the Exhibit Hall where information can be obtained as necessary; Registration Booths, Arrangements Booth, Program Booth, Exhibits Booth, and the General Chairman’s Lounge. Members of the Board of Directors and the General Committee will be there to assist you in any way possible with any information that you need while attending the School.

Benefits of the School

The School affords an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and information associated with flow measurement. More importantly, the School provides valuable information on new advances in product development and also theory of operation. Not only does the student receive training from an analytical viewpoint but also has the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience with various products.

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